Gynaechologist in Durban

Gynaecologist in Durban

The vagina is such a word that is still rare to the human race. Yes, we make jokes and epic stories about them. And with all honesty and respect, men admire this beauty of peach we faithfully oh so care for so well. There is so much still to learn from it, we get our menstrual cycle, we know exactly why God permits such horrifying experience monthly!  Yet, scientists and gynaechologists captivatedly still endure on looking for answers to why so many diseases and disorders exist to this art.

I have been to MANY gynaecologists in Durban since I have moved here 20 years ago. Below is my account on only a few of the best.

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Top 2 Gynaecologists in Durban

1. Dr D.P Maitin

Dr D.P Maitin is more than just a gynaecologist in Durban; he becomes part of the family. He is extremely opened minded and easy to speak to on absolutely anything. Certain women are afraid of having a male doctor, but I assure you after simply on consultation you will never find another doctor like him! Not only is Dr D.P Maitin one of the best I’ve spoken to among other gynaecologist in Durban but his staff is just as delightful to have around. It never feels like a monthly baby checkup but more like friendly visit.

2. Dr Bushra Akhtar

Dr Bushra Akhtar is very genuine and caring. She has this mother like intuition along with her knowledge that makes her so graceful to have as a doctor. For every appointment, she is very punctual and accessible to reach out to. I would recommend every expecting mother to visit her. I couldn’t thank Dr Bushra Akhtar enough for all the great help and support she gave my baby and myself thru an extensive wait! Hands down greatest gynecologist in Durban area.